Overview of Industrial Water Storage Tank Systems

MRC’s premium liquid and water storage tanks are an excellent, cost effective storage solution suitable for various applications. Our tanks provide an excellent advertising opportunity for any business with high visual impact, while also being easy to move if and when required.

Our storage tanks are strong and resilient, made from zincalume to ensure durability and high resistance to corrosion. Lined with a water approved lining, these tanks provide and eco-friendly rain water harvesting storage facility that is safe for long-term water storage, low maintenance and convenient.

With only 1% of the world’s fresh water available for use, it’s no surprise that we are burning through our precious resource quicker than expected. Water shortages have become a very real issue which needs to be addressed to ensure our survival. Water shedding is already in progress in some areas in South Africa, and soon to be rolled out Nationwide. In order to ensure water is available for continued businesses use, water storage provisions need to be made to avoid the costly interruption in daily business operations, and the detrimental effects which will follow.

MRC Groups installed water storage tank systems are backed with the unrivalled single source ‘Guardian’ System Warranty which covers design, materials, installation & maintenance for the term of the water storage tank system.

Key Features of Industrial Water Storage Tank Solutions

  • Highly resistant to corrosion, durable , weather resistant
  • Certified by professional engineers, easy onsite construction
  • Contents not in direct contact with walls, cost effective
  • Ready for operational use on commissioning, eco friendly
  • Spares and accessories available, low maintenance
  • Installation done at safe working heights, quick and easy
  • Free span dome roof with no internal columns
  • Tanks provide high visual impact advertising space
  • Available in various colours and sizes
  • Tried and trusted for more than 16 years.
  • Backed with the up to 20 year ‘Guardian’ System Warranty

Applications of Prefabricated Water Storage Tanks

  • Fire protection, mining, municipal and community water supply
  • Water conservation, Food and Beverage storage
  • Fire sprinkler and hydrant water storage, water treatment plants
  • Emergency water supply, potable water storage
  • Process water and waste collection

Technical Data of Water Storage Tank Systems

Properties of a Water Storage Tank System

All wall panels and roof sheets are made from hot dipped steel coated in a molten alloy, also known as Zincalume – containing 55% aluminium, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon. Sacraficial Magnesium anodes can also be applied in extreme cases to further inhibit potential corrosion. Steel grade G300 Zincalume.

Colours and finishes of a Water Storage Tank System

Mill finish – silver. Standard tanks can be painted with approved primers and paints. Various colours available on request. Specialist MRC thermal protective coatings to provide a coating that can reflect the sun’s rays and reduce the temperature within the water storage tank system.

The inner lining: of the tank is approved by The Australian Water Quality Centre standard AS/NZS/4020-2005:Testing of products for use in contact with Drinking Water.

Est. life span of liner: 60+ years under normal conditions

Prefabricated Industrial Sizes

Available in various sizes from 12kl to 3.3Ml (the largest single storage unit of its kind)

Roofs, Outlets and Inlets of a Water Storage Tank System

Dome roof: Zincalume corragated sheets 0.47mm thick. G550 high tensile grade with AZ150 coating. Trusses are hot dipped galvanized after fabrication.

Outlets / Inlets: All fittings and nozzles manufactured from mild steel and hot dipped galvanised to SANS 121:2011 ISO 1461:2009 after fabrication.

General Availability and Delivery of the Water Storage Tank System

Availability: Standard range available immediately subject to stock availability. Non stock items 3 – 8 weeks

Delivery: 6 – 8 wks ex factory

Installation and Site Preparation of a Water Storage Tank System

Installation: 1-17 days dependant on number of tanks and sizes requested.

Site Preparation: The site must be level and capable of supporting a 100Pa with sand bed or concrete ring beam as required. Site prep to be arranged by client in accordance with engineers reccomendations prior to installation.

Water Storage Tank System Warranty

Up to 20 year, single source ‘Guardian’ System Warranty covers Design, Materials, Workmanship & Maintenance

Guarantees & Warranties of a Water Storage Tank System

MRC Groups up to 20 year ‘Guardian’ System Warranty cuts through the myth & mystic of product guarantees and workmanship warranties issued by the construction industry.

Traditionally a product guarantee would be issued by the manufacturer and the workmanship warranty would be issued by the installer of the water storage tank system. Two separate pieces of paper, with differing length of terms and when put alongside each other, never answered the question of who will pay for the materials and works such the over-roofing system fail.

‘Guardian’ System Warranty is an unrivalled new era of warranty that covers Design, Materials, Workmanship & Maintenance. The length of term for each element matches and is issued as a single source, transferrable warranty for the life of the guarantee of the over-roofing system.