Inspection of failed or leaking Building Envelopes

MRC Group is one of the leading authorities in the inspection, design, materials, installation and maintenance of Building Envelope Systems. We operate in the commercial, industrial, education and retail property market sectors providing our turn-key refurbishment and new building services for property developers, builders, tenants, owner occupiers and investment companies throughout Southern Africa.

MRC’s full turnkey service commences with a full ISO accredited technical report, highlighting and explaining the defects on the entire building envelope backed with cost information to rectify and repair the defect.

Many of the issues we see when inspecting existing buildings can be categorised into poor quality design, lack of building envelope understanding, defective workmanship and non-compliance with relevant legislation, all of which will cause water ingress issues, which over time could endanger building occupiers and owners and adversely affect investment values of the property.

MRC Groups experience and technical knowledge in design, materials, installation and maintenance of a vast range of metal roofing / cladding, rain screens, waterproofing, protective coatings and green renewable technology systems enables us to provide professional advice not just on thermal expansion, acoustic performance and water-tightness of each system, but also on how each building envelope system impacts on the other at junctions which are their weakest points.

MRC’s building envelope inspection, defect diagnosis and rectification service can significantly reduce the cost and complexity of repairs, backed with our large range of building envelope systems that provide long term solutions that minimise disruption to owners and occupiers of the building and reduce costly repairs.

All rectification works are fully warranted backed with ongoing maintenance providing our clients with long term guaranteed peace.