Overview of Pierced Fix Metal Roof or Trapezoidal Roof Sheeting

MRC Group’s unrivalled experience in installing Pierced Fix Metal Roof systems or ‘Trapezoidal’ Roofs set us apart from any Building Envelope contractor in Africa. Pierced Fix Metal Roof Sheeting is one of the oldest forms of metal roofing sheeting with exposed fasteners or screws fixed through the metal roof sheeting into the structure below.

Pierced Fix Metal Roof systems is made up of a series of corrugations which lap together side to side and end to end, making it very easy to cover varying areas of roof quickly. The roof system is designed to be laid to a minimum roof pitch of 7.5 degrees depending on the location of the building.

Pierced Fix Metal Roof systems require side lap sealant and 2 runs of end lap sealant to keep wind driven rain from entering the lap from the outside and to ensure no moisture vapour from within the building enters the lap. The use of a butyl seal type of sealant in these areas strengthens the overall design of the roof system. With a pierced fix metal roof system there are exposed fixings which provides the system an improved ability to withstand positive and negative wind pressure.

Please note that Pierced Fix Metal Roof Systems should only be installed down to 7.5 degrees roof pitch with the use of sealants to the side laps & end laps.

MRC Group’s installed pierced fix metal roof system, is backed with the unrivalled single source Guardian™ System Warranty which covers materials, installation & maintenance for the term of the roofing and cladding system.

Key Features of Pierced Fix Metal Roof Systems or Trapezoidal Metal Roof Sheeting

  • Pierced Fix Metal Roof sheets have exposed fixings and is better at withstanding positive and negative wind pressure.
  • Readily available in a range of differing thickness to suit the spans and loads imposed.
  • Roof pitch available from 7.5 degrees and above.
  • Outstanding thermal and acoustic performance.
  • Range of materials from aluminium, steel, zinc and copper.
  • Backed with the up to 20 year Guardian™ System Warranty

Applications of Pierced Fix Metal Roof Systems

Pierced Fix Metal Roof Systems have been used throughout the world for centuries years providing roofing & cladding new build, retrofitting and refurbishment solutions for a large range of Industrial, Commercial and Retail property.

There is a large range of differing profiles to suit the project location, aesthetics and the materials required.

  • Industrial applications such as Workshops, Factories, Food Processing Facilities and Automobile Assembly Property that require the building to operate while the over-roofing system is being installed.
  • Commercial and Retail space such as Shopping Malls and Offices that are always trading and are looking to upgrade their failed roof system energy efficiency to reduce heating or cooling costs.
  • Governmental, Educational, Prison & Transportation Property such as Airports, Schools, Universities, Train Stations and High Security Property that is requires an upgrade in acoustic and thermal performance of their existing leaking roof and cladding system.

Technical Data of Pierced Fix Metal Roof Systems


Pierced Fix Metal Roof or Trapezoidal Roof Sheeting

  • Materials including Aluminium, Steel and Zinc can be used to roll form the pierced fix roof systems.
  • Range of metal gauges to suit the structural performance of the metal roof system.
  • Pierced Fix Metal Roof systems to be used at a minimum of 7.5 degrees. Please note this is after structural tolerances have been considered.
  • Easy to be manufactured and delivered to site.

Pierced Fix Metal Roof System Solutions

  • New Build Thermal and Acoustic systems
  • Single skin and insulated pierced fix roof systems.
  • Refurbishment solutions such as Strip & Re-Sheet, Over-Roofing and Flat to Pitch Conversions.
  • High Security Roof Systems for Prisons and Defence Forces projects.
  • High performing R-Value thermal roof systems down to 10 m2.K/W.

Acoustic Data – Sound Reduction

  • 0.55mm Steel Roof System 40dB +
  • 0.8mm Aluminium Roof System 42dB +

Pierced Fix Metal Roof System Warranty

Up to 20 year, single source Guardian™ System Warranty covers Materials, Workmanship & Maintenance

Guarantees & Warranties of a Pierced Fix Metal Roof System

MRC Group’s up to 20 year Guardian™ System Warranty cuts through the myth & mystic of product guarantees and workmanship warranties issued by the construction industry.

Traditionally a product guarantee would be issued by the manufacturer and the workmanship warranty would be issued by the installer of the over-roofing system. Two separate pieces of paper, with differing length of terms and when put alongside each other, never answered the question of who will pay for the materials and works such the over-roofing system fail.

Guardian™ System Warranty is an unrivalled new era of warranty that covers Materials, Workmanship & Maintenance. The length of term for each element matches and is issued as a single source, transferrable warranty for the life of the guarantee of the pierced fix metal roof system.

MRC Group challenges the construction industry to ensure that the workmanship warranty issued by contractors matches the length of term of the supplied concealed or secret fix roof system, thereby ensuring high quality installations with designed and tested pierced fix metal roof or cladding systems.