Roof Leak Detection

MRC Group provides a complete turnkey service for building envelope defect diagnosis and rectification. Most building envelope defects show themselves by allowing water to enter into the property or building. Short term roof leaks generally cause damage to the contents of the buildings, however long term water ingress can lead to costly structural damage and even building collapse.

Roof leaks are generally caused by poor quality design, incorrect building envelope understanding or defective workmanship and will manifest themselves either immediately or over time, which could mean that you end up holding the bill for the rectification or repair bill.

The lack of understanding of material thermal expansion is one the major causes of roof leaks. Dissimilar materials such as bitumen torch on waterproofing, metal roofing & polycarbonate roof sheeting are common systems found installed / applied on an existing roof each with differing thermal expansion rates.

For Example: A metal steel roof sheet will thermally expand and contract between 1 – 2mm per linear metre, but a 1.25mm polycarbonate daylight roof sheet will expand between 5 – 8mm per linear metre, and if not understood at design and installation stage, will lead to roof leaks.

Many people believe that the general guarantee they receive for a roofing, cladding or waterproofing system for whatever amount of time, ensures that any roof leaks or building envelope water ingress is covered, however in reality, the bill for any roof leaks or building envelope water ingress is normally paid by you, due to the large gaps between the building material guarantee, the workmanship warranty and the maintenance schedule. MRC’s Guardian System Warranty is one of the only single source, all-encompassing system warranty’s available in the market place.

Once the roof leak has been detected, diagnosed and a technical & economic solution agreed, MRC Group will continue the service by undertaking the roof leak rectification and repair works .

All roof leak rectification works are fully warranted backed with ongoing maintenance providing our clients with long term guaranteed peace.