Overview of Single Ply Roof Membrane Systems

MRC’s partnership with Haogenplast, one of the world leaders in Elva based formulations and manufacturers of vinyl roofs, with over 30 years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining single ply roof membrane ensures high performance, durable solution with exceptional strength and environmental resistance. Manufactured according to strict QC parameters, these single ply roof membrane systems are perfectly suited to any commercial and industrial roofing system.

Made from high quality thermoplastic, our single ply roof membrane systems are designed to provide steadfast long-term quality waterproofing protection with unwavering integrity. Chemically formulated to ensure the strongest thermowelded seams possible to provide reliable leak proof protection, they also contain Du Pont Elvoy® resins ensuring resistance to environmental chemical interaction.

MRC’s outstanding single ply roof membrane systems are non-flammable, tear resistant and far exceed the ASTM D4434 performance standards. They can be adhered to or mechanically fixed to your current roofing system – ensuring top notch waterproofing protection for many years to come. The membrane polymers have been carefully formulated to prevent curing, stretching, shrinking – and are resistant to long term microbial, chemical and environmental attacks.

For non-compatible or rough irregular surfaces, MRC single ply roof membrane systems are also available with a thermally fused felt backing. This makes them robust and reliable when applied to pre-stressed roofing constructs. – without the usual necessary preparations required to ensure a secure and failsafe waterproofing system, backed by MRC’s guardian guarantee for additional assurance and peace of mind.

Key Features of Single Ply Roof Membrane Systems

  • Mechanically fixed therefore not adhering to existing failed waterproofing systems
  • Exceptional strength, superb environmental resistance
  • Unwavering integrity and years of quality protection
  • Strongest thermowelded seams for long term leak-proof performance
  • Exceeds ASTM D4434 performance standards
  • Complies with strict non- flammability specifications
  • Puncture resistant, outstanding tear strength, dimensional stability
  • Formulated to prevent curing, stretching, shrinking
  • Resistant to microbial, chemical and environmental attacks
  • Resistant to environmental chemical interaction
  • Suitable for pre-cast and pre-stressed roofing constructs
  • Functional on a wide variety of structures
  • Proven high performance solution for commercial roofing applications world wide
  • Reliable weatherproof solutions, Highly durable, Easy installation
  • Extends roof life, Reduces maintenance costs
  • Suitable for new / existing roofs, Excels in peak conditions
  • Minimal Maintenance, cost effective, tear and impact resistant
  • Installation wont interrupt business operations
  • Great performing, long-term waterproofing solutions
  • Backed with the up to 20 year ‘Guardian’ System Warranty

Applications of Single Ply Roof Membrane Systems

MRC’s range of Single Ply Roof Membrane Systems from Haogenplast provides new build and refurbishment solutions offering compatibility with any type of substrate and climate conditions, backed with over 30 years of experience.

  • Roofs, walls, gutters, green roofing systems
  • Factories, warehouses, shopping centres
  • Schools, universities, educational facilities
  • Apartment buildings, Office blocks, Parking Garage
  • Dams and Reservoirs
  • Stadiums, Museums, Convention Centres

Technical Data of Single Ply Roof Membrane Systems

  • Mechanically attached, Ballasted and fully adhered roofing application in 48 and 60 mil thickness
  • Separation sheet required when in contact with incompatible materials such as bitumen or polystyrene


Suitable material: Non-woven polyester 200g/sqm or glass fibre mat 120g/sqm

  • Where substrate is rough or uneven, a non-woven fabric should be interposed


Suitable material: non-woven polyester 300g/sqm or 500g/sqm

  • Manufactured according to strict QC parameters
  • A protective layer of fibreglass may be necessary if mechanically fastened to meet fire resistant properties


Suitable material: Glass fibre mat 120g/sqm

  • Polyester reinforced Duvoy Elvaloy ® and felt backed configurations
  • Fully warranted in accordance with accepted roofing industry standards
  • Thermally fused felt backing for specialised applications on non-compatible surfaces or rough irregular substrates
  • Felt backed membranes (98 mils) are also suitable for direct adhered applications on non-nailable surfaces such as pre-cast and pre-stressed roof construction.
  • Reinforces with a 10×10, DTX 1150, weft inserted polyester scrim
  • MRC single ply roof membranes carries
    • ISO 9001: 2000
    • US approval criteria and the
    • DIN 16734 certification


Overview of the  MRC Single ply Roof Membrane System:

Material: PVC
Thickness: 1.2 or 1.5mm
Inner Layer: Polyester Screen

Guarantees & Warranties of a Single Ply Roof Membrane System

MRC Group’s up to 20 year ‘Guardian’ System Warranty cuts through the myth & mystic of product guarantees and workmanship warranties issued by the construction industry.

Traditionally a product guarantee would be issued by the manufacturer and the workmanship warranty would be issued by the installer of the single ply roof membrane system. Two separate pieces of paper, with differing length of terms and when put alongside each other, never answered the question of who will pay for the materials and works if the waterproofing system fails.

‘Guardian’ System Warranty is an unrivalled new era of warranty that covers Materials, Workmanship & Maintenance. The length of term for each element matches and is issued as a single source, transferrable warranty for the life of the guarantee of the single ply membrane roof system.

MRC Group challenges the construction industry to ensure that the workmanship warranty issued by contractors matches the length of term of the supplied roof system, thereby ensuring high quality installations with designed and tested single-ply roof membrane waterproofing systems.