Roof Maintenance & Service Plan

Just like a car, a building envelope whatever material it is constructed from, needs to be maintained and recorded in a service plan, to keep the various guarantees valid. Most materials on buildings are NOT maintained and if any roof maintenance work is undertaken it is normally repair or rectification works rather than scheduled maintenance.

When reading the small print on most roofing or waterproofing material guarantees, it clearly states that if the roof system is not officially recorded as being regularly maintained, then the material guarantees supplied by the manufacturer of the metal roofing or waterproofing systems are invalidated.

Most of the issues surrounding roof leaks and defects would be omitted if professional scheduled roof maintenance were completed.

MRC Group’s Roof Maintenance & Service Plan

MRC’s commitment to our clients continues past the construction or refurbishment of the roofing, cladding and waterproofing works, with officially recorded regular scheduled roof maintenance within a project specific service plan for the life of the material guarantee.

With MRC’s ‘Guardian’ System Warranty, maintenance is included for the term of the product guarantee and workmanship warranty ensuring the longevity of the materials used in the works.

MRC’s planned building maintenance prolongs the life of the material, ensures performance while minimising repair costs. One of the key aspects of maintenance is how to undertake the works safely.

MRC Group’s expertise in all aspects of building envelopes backed with all the latest industry and health & safety accreditations and certificates to ensure that the roof maintenance works are undertaken professionally and in a safe manner.

Extend the life of most roofing materials with MRC’s Roof Maintenance

With our in-house health & safety technical members of SAIOSH, internationally renowned roofing and waterproofing technical managers and specialist refurbishment & maintenance installation teams, MRC Group is proud to provide the only truly ‘cradle to grave’ service in southern Africa backed with the ‘Guardian’ System Warranty.

From the initial roof, waterproofing and cladding inspection, submission of our in-depth photo backed technical report with a priced shopping list of project specific solutions through to undertaking the suggested works and then providing the long term maintenance contract, we are proud to partner with our clients to ensure their roof system longevity, for up to 20 years.

The MRC Group’s ‘Guardian’ System Warranty complete with scheduled maintenance and service plan is a transferrable service, as buildings are sold time and time again throughout its operational life, providing a tangible asset to sell with your building.

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