High Security Building Solutions

MRC’s high security systems are used throughout the world in New Build & Refurbishment of sensitive Data Centres, Governmental buildings, Ministry Of Justice, Prison, and Custodial projects providing the highest quality, quick to install, secure, durable and bespoke roofing, cladding, floor and ceiling solutions in some of the most aggressive environments.


  • Tailored High Security Built up Roofing & Cladding systems to suit the different classes of custodial, prison and defence establishments are provided with expanded mesh, steel plate and plywood layers that can be easily incorporated into our secret fix and pierce fixed built up roofing & cladding systems.
  • Thermally efficient systems with R-Values of up to 10 (m2.K/W) achievable which reduces the carbon foot print of the buildings, but also increases the thermal performance of the building resulting in reducing energy bills for cooling or heating.
  • Over-Roofing refurbishment systems provides the perfect solution to installing another layer of metal roof WITHOUT removing the existing roof system.


Whether it is a New Build construction of a house block custodial dwelling or whether it is upgrading or refurbishing an existing Class A Prison, MRC’s emergence as a diverse single source Total Building Envelope specialist contractor has continued our growth into the sensitive high security construction sector.

MRC provides excellence in Solutions for the High Security sector, all backed with the Guardian Warranty ensuring design, materials, installation and maintenance for up to 20 Years, whether for New Build or Refurbishment projects.