MRC’s Range of Building Refurbishment Solutions

MRC is the ONLY supplier, installer and maintainer of Building Refurbishment Solutions for a range of industrial, commercial and retail property types, whose works are covered by the ‘Guardian’ System Warranty.

We would be delighted to visit your industrial, commercial or retail property and provide a full technical report highlighting the issues and solutions to ensure a watertight and energy efficient building.

Our ‘cradle to grave’ building refurbishment service provides our industrial, commercial, retail and municipal clients with the following refurbishment solutions to the below scenarios :-

  • Leaky pitched metal roof systems.
  • Failed and leaking flat roof systems.
  • Leaking and rusty gutters.
  • Rusty steel purlins and rails.
  • Cracked and leaking polycarbonate daylight sheeting.
  • Unsightly cladding and facade systems.
  • Replacement of combustible insulation whilst keeping your building operational.
Over-Roofing & Over-Cladding Systems
Combustible Roof Insulation Replacement
Lightweight Steel Flat to Pitch Conversion System
Screw Fix Single Ply Roof Membranes
Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems
Replace existing Polycarbonate Daylight Sheeting

Countless property throughout Africa continue to leak, are thermally inefficient and expensive to heat / cool, with a massive overall carbon footprint. Where reconstruction is no longer financially-viable, refurbishment of existing building stock becomes irresistible.

Our building envelope refurbishment systems provide a watertight and thermally efficient result with significantly reduced carbon emissions, rejuvenating run-down buildings and transforming the morale of occupants.

At MRC Group we have built up an enormous knowledge base and portfolio of refurbishment projects covering every aspect of the external envelope.

Please feel free to CONTACT US for a building refurbishment technical report specific to your building.