Rail Network Building Solutions

MRC’s range of Metal Roofing & Cladding, ‘Cool Roof’ Thermal Coatings, Rust Inhibitor Protective Coatings and Green Renewable Technologies provide real choice in Total Building Envelope & Infrastructure Solutions to create sustainable, low maintenance, durable rail network solutions that meet the modern challenges of travel and bulk material handling transportation.


  • Rust Inhibitor Protective coatings applied to rail gantries, rail track, train automotive, bulk material handling carriages and cranes and offloading plant, even on rusty surfaces to extend the life for at least another 10 years, in the most aggressive of environments.
  • Thermal coatings applied to rail silos, bulk handling carriages and shipping containers to provide a waterproofing coating AND substantially reduce the surface temperature.
  • Thermally efficient systems metal roofing & cladding systems for platforms and storage warehouses with R-Values of up to 10 (m2.K/W) achievable, which reduces the temperature within the building.
  • Green Roofing & Living Wall reducing the impact of urban heat islands, reducing the stress on underground water management systems and improving the environment and air quality.
  • Rainwater harvesting systems recycle the water for toilets or even drinking water and Solar panels or Photovoltaic cells generate power to be used within the building reducing the draw on the power network.


MRC provides excellence in  Total Building Envelope and Infrastructure Solutions for the Rail Network, all backed with the Guardian Warranty ensuring design, materials, installation and maintenance for up to 20 Years, whether for New Build or Refurbishment projects.