Building Refurbishment

MRC’s refurbishment systems have been successfully specified and installed throughout the world on many refurbishment of Building Envelope projects. In most cases the ability to take an existing building and to upgrade or refurbish it is more sustainable than to demolish the building a build a new construction.

MRC’s growing suite of refurbishment systems from Over-Roofing & Built Up Metal Roofing & Cladding, Green Roof & Wall Renewable Technologies, ‘Cool Roof’ Thermal and Protective Coatings to Rainwater Harvesting Systems, provides all our clients with the ability to choose every facet of a building envelope.


  • Thermally efficient systems with R-Values of up to 10 (m2.K/W) achievable with strip & re-sheeting, over roofing, over cladding or flat to pitch conversions.
  • Green Roofing & Living Wall reducing the impact of urban heat islands, reducing the stress on underground water management systems and improving air quality, can be installed on metal roofing or flat roof systems.
  • ‘Cool Roof’ thermal coatings for refurbishment of flat roofs, metal pitched roof and asbestos roof sheeting provides an up to 20 year waterproofing with the benefits of reflecting the suns rays and reducing the temperature in the classroom, WITHOUT having to remove the existing roof systems.
  • Rainwater harvesting systems recycle the water for toilets or even drinking water and Solar panels or Photovoltaic cells generate power to be used within the building reducing the draw on the power network, can be installed on most existing buildings.
  • Flat to Pitch Roof conversions that provide the opportunity to change a flat roof to a pitched roof WITHOUT removing the existing roof construction, providing the opportunity to upgrade the thermal properties of the building envelope.


MRC provides excellence in Refurbishment Solutions for all market sectors, all backed with the Guardian Warranty ensuring design, materials, installation and maintenance for up to 20 Years.