Metal Roofing

31 July, 2017

How compliant are your smoke ventilators in your building? ……. Will they operate the way they were intended to, when you need them most?

MRC Group, as a refurbishment specialist in Southern Africa, are asked nearly every time we go and inspect an existing roof, as to whether the smoke ventilators are in good working order, and will they do the what they are intended to do? The first question that has to be asked is, what was the intention of the smoke ventilation […]
4 August, 2017

Are African construction methods of Roof Construction failing the building owners? What is the real thermal performance of your insulated roof?

Insulated roof construction using straining wire and compressing the flexible bulk density faced insulation between the roof sheet and the purlin is pretty much as standard as it gets in Africa, as far as constructing insulated roofs is concerned …… and yet do they REALLY achieve the required R-Value? What is glass wool insulation? Glass wool is made from sand […]
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